Saturday, June 15, 2013

A little more information!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to pop by quickly before I wrote up the next recipe to share an email I got from my aunt (my grandma's daughter) the other day. She graciously filled in some of the blanks in my recipes, and gave me a little more of the 'personal' side of the story:

"SAVOURY SUPPER was one of my favourite meals as a kid and I still make it, even though Michael doesn't get the point. I use 'breakfast sausages' and brown them first. Using a good tomato soup is also important. The batter topping is essentially a Yorkshire pudding, which always collapses soon after coming from the oven. Mom always made it in a square or rectangular dish with two lines of sausages. 
CRANBERRY COBBLER was exciting to see, because that's my handwriting, and is from my high school home ec class. I loved it, but had completely forgotten about it until I saw your blog. I'm going to try it again. 
GUMDROP CAKE - saw it in the 'upcoming' list. This was Grandma Ada's recipe and one of my favourite cakes. She used to make it and ship it to me out here. She left the gumdrops whole, which made for an extremely heavy cake, and makes it very hard to bake all the way through, so it might be worth experimenting with using a bundt pan. 
The other dinner both Bob and I loved is something Mark and I always called 'Hamburger Slop'. Mom had a different name for it, but it's essentially her version of Sloppy Joes over mashed potatoes. Did you find that recipe? 
Mom was known as a good cook and baker - at school, kids used to fight over who would get my unwanted lunch items"

Thanks aunt Jeanne for the email!

Last thing... this picture :) Grandma in the kitchen of "the cottage" long before I was even born. I just love her pants.


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  1. I am reading this entry for the first time tonight and incredibly I served up Hamburg Slop just last week!!