Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Savoury Supper

Savoury Supper - sounds delicious, doesn't it? It feels like every post I say "the best part of this experience is...", so why stop now! The best part of this experience is that I get to try new things. Things that I would have looked at and thought "Umm, no. Gross.", but because it is in grandma's special little red tin box, I'm all gung-ho.

Well folks, lesson learned.

Now, I don't want to be negative about this recipe right from the get-go, because in all honesty, it turned out OK, my husband had if for dinner and lunch the next day, and (shock of all shocks) both my children loved it.

However, I found myself saying "if I were to do this again, I would do this differently". Truth be told, it's likely not a do-over recipe - unless of course I'm trying to postpone the veal recipe for just one more day...

I'll get to the goods, and I'll explain as I go ;)

The Recipe Card:

The Process:

Place the "required number" of sausages in a baking dish and add sliced onion.

... and a cup (or less) or canned tomato soup. I went with the (or less). Season and put on to cook. Done!

Then we get to the part that kind of concerned me. You've got sausages, onions and tomato soup sitting in a baking dish, heating up in the oven. Then you're preparing what I can only imagine is some sort of pancake/cake batter. Kind of Quiche-ish, but not quite as egg-y (I'm sure both of those are words).

Alas, I followed through.

And then, when the batter is all ready, you whip out the partially cooked sausages and pour this on top. Yum.

Stick it back in the oven and wait.

Not going to lie - this smelled absolutely fabulous while it was baking. It really did smell 'savoury'. My spirits were lifted!

Out it comes:

We ended up serving it with some rice and a salad. Originally I had intended on having asparagus, but apparently asparagus doesn't keep as long as I thought it did.

The Recipe:

"Required number" Sausages
Sliced Onions
1 cup (or less) Tomato Soup

Place in baking dish the required number of sausaged, add sliced onions and a cup (or less) of canned tomato soup. Season and put on to cook while mixing the following

1 cup Flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup Milk

Beat well and pour over the partially cooked sausages. Bake until browned nicely.

Again, no temperature, no time.

My Personal Notes:

  • When I eat sausages, I like them to be well done. And by well done, I really mean charred. "If I were to do this again, I would..." either cook the sausages ahead of time (BBQ, maybe?), or alternatively, I would cut them up into little medallions and line the bottom of the baking dish with them. By cooking them first, you run the risk of them still being pretty soggy because of the Tomato soup, but they wouldn't be so pale. It's psychological, really. By doing the medallions, the 'batter' would be evenly dispersed over the sausages and you'd get a more even distribution of sausage-to-batter in every bite - It's all about consistency, my friends.
  • I baked at 350 for about 30 minutes, and then because I was reducing the over to 325 for another recipe, I just kept it in until the oven decreased temperature and beeped. Not much more helpful than the original recipe, I know!
  • I seasoned with Italian Seasoning. They were Italian Sausages and I just couldn't think of anything better! Suggestions?!

Was this my favourite dinner ever? No. But it certainly wasn't the worst! Hunter did ask if we were going to have it again - so it's possible that I'll give it another go later on :)

Next up is Jam Layer Treat. I'm going back to the desserts!


P.S. I'd say about 95% of the time in this post, I wrote "sauges" instead of "sausages". 

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  1. Well I have to be honest and say that it kinda looks gross!! LOL!! I too like my sausage kinda charred on the BBQ...and yes....asparagus doesn't last very long.